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Transit Infinite, video animation and installation, 2017

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-11 um

To enter or leave the facilities of the class for Transmedia Art at University of Applied Arts Vienna, you must cross the staircase from the 3rd floor to the attic. This staircase has become my reference point for a site - specific work. I scanned objects of that stair case with the Kinect 3D Camera, as well as I scanned my own body. The scanned 3D objects (stairs, railings, etc.) I cutted, arranged, assembled and finally made them dance together in a few animations. The presentation of that work took place again in the same staircase, as a projection of my MacBook desktop.


The work is dealing with the situation or feeling of not moving forward, to stuck in a situation for too long time. Places that are meant to be only made for a transit, transform into a new home.

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